Monitoring vRealize Automation services using vRealize Orchestrator

You can list the services and their status on the vRealize Automation appliance by going to the following URL.


It returns an XML page with elements containing information about the each service. Here’s a screenshot.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 08.34.16

This gave me an idea as you can poll this URL to check the status of the services using a vRO workflow and email if the service status isn’t returned.

Here’s a basic example of some code to poll the URL in a vRO workflow.

// Create Properties object for reporting any unregistered services
var serviceReport = new Properties();

// Form URL constructor
var vraUrl = new URL("https://<va-fqdn>/component-registry/services/status/current");

// Get content
var content = vraUrl.getContent();

// Parse into JSON object
content = JSON.parse(content);

// Get object values
for ( var v in content.content){

	System.log("Service: " + content.content[v].serviceName + ". Intitialised: " + 
				content.content[v].serviceStatus.initialized + ". Status: " + content.content[v].serviceStatus.serviceInitializationStatus)

	if (content.content[v].serviceStatus.serviceInitializationStatus != "REGISTERED"){

It’s a simple workflow that puts any services into a properties object based on some logic, in this case if not equal to REGISTERED. You could then email a support desk, or could retry and check again, or be really funky and check to see if there is a change control ticket open, and if not, then notify support. The key is once you have your workflow created, then you will need to schedule it to run, say every 5 minutes.

You don’t obviously have to use vRO either and use some enterprise monitoring solution, which is what I would recommend.

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