Month: January 2016

vRealize 7 Orchestrator endpoint

I’ve just hit a config issue when configuring the embedded vRealize 7 Orchestrator Endpoint in vRealize Automation 7, aka vRA 7. You may hit an error when running a vRealize Orchestrator data collection or hit this error when running a NSX data collection:

Workflow ‘vSphereVCNSInventory’ failed with the following exception:
Endpoint not found. There is no vRealize Orchestrator endpoint configured with property __VMware.VCenterOrchestrator.Plugin.NSX.Build.

In vRealize 6, we used to have to add the endpoint for orchestrator as:


However vRA now has an embedded LB HAproxy running and you don’t need add port 8281. Therefore the endpoint config just looks like this:


Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.44.50

One other thing. If you try to enter that endpoint in a browser, it won’t work. You need to append a forward slash, so it should look like this:


You will need to add an orchestrator endpoint before being able to run a NSX data collection. You don’t need to configure the NSX plugin and that will get configured as long as your embeeded vRrealize orchestrator endpoint is correct. Additionally, use the load balancer address as required.