vRealize Automation vPostgres password

The password for vPostgres in vRealize Automation 7 is now encrpyted. This means you will not be able to log in to vPostgres without decrypting the password. To do this, follow these commands:

Check the password name value pair in file : /etc/vcac/server.xml


Run the below command on VA to get encrypted password:

vcac-config prop-util -d --p "s2enc~Bp/gQ0sSz5ejlemiTxsflCjMNp0GsnHD6tvahuh5Fpw="

The above command give the password which you can connect to vPostgres.

Then run the following commands:

su postgres
cd /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin
./psql vcac -W

Enter the password and it should let you in to the postgres console, connected to the vcac database.

The other way, is to log in as postgres user and change to the vcac database, but that really is too easy.

./psql postgres
psql.bin (9.4.5 (VMware Postgres release))
Type "help" for help.
postgres=# \c vcac;
You are now connected to database "vcac" as user "postgres".


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