Month: November 2016

vRealize Automation 7. How to get Deployment Name and Virtual machines from a deployment

In vRealize Automation 7, we have a deployment now that contains all the resources. This is different to how it worked previously. But how do we get information about the deployment, so in a case that we need to update the owner of a deployment if we have deployed a composite blueprint using XaaS?

Here isĀ  snippet of code I use to determine what is what in the deployment.


The key is once you have found the catalogue resource, this line determines whether it is the deployment or virtual machine.

var catResources = vCACCAFEEntitiesFinder.findCatalogResources(cafeHost);
var resourceName = "<deployment name>;
for each (resource in catReosurces){
    if (resource.resourceTypeRef.getLabel() == "Deployment")) +
    resource.getName() == resourceName;
        catalogResource = resource;

The getLabel() tells you whether it is a virtual machine or whether its the deployment. Now , once you have the catalogue resource, you can get the deployment and execute a change owner on the deployment.

var operations = catalogResource.getOperations();
var operationName = 'Change Owner';

for each(op in operations){
    System.log( + ": " + op.getName() +
    " operation is available on this catalog resource");
    if (op.getName() = operationName){
        System.log( + ": " + op.getName() +
        " operation identified and selected");
        changeOwnerOperation = op;

Now we have the operation of on the deployment, we can pass that in to the requestResourceAction in vRealize Orchestrator and submit the change owner process.

The inputs to the resource action requires the vCACCAFE:ConsumerResourceOperation and the payload for the new user. The payload is a property object. as follows:

ownerProperties = new Properties();
ownerProperties.put("provider-NewOwner", newOwner);

This helps go some way to changing the owner of a deployment. Great is you need to use XaaS to wrap deployments. In future releases, we won’t need to do this as we will have the ability to hide CBP from the catalogue. So we will be able to deploy a catalogue item using the correct owner but the owner won’t see the catalogue item as you can mark it hidden. Hence the logged in user won’t see the catalogue item, but still be entitled to request it.