How to get vRealize Automation Install Wizard values

The vRealize Automation installation wizards is one of the best new features in version 7 but I was recently asked how to get the install wizard values post installation for vRealize Automation. This is useful to just help understand what values were entered in case you need to troubleshoot the install or double check the config.

I found one way of doing this which may or may not be the best way.

You can pass in a parameter to the vcac-config utility to get page data specified during the install.

Each installation wizard page has an ID value. You can find these by running this command:

cat /opt/vmware/share/htdocs/service/wizard/wizard.xml
| grep -i '<wizardPage' -A1 | grep -i -w ' id\b'

This will list all the page IDs in the install wizard.


Now you have the wizard page IDs, you can get the parameters you have entered on the install wizard by running this command:

 /usr/sbin/vcac-config install-wizard --page iaas.servers.dem --params-get

This will output something similar to this:


You can run this command and enter the page ID to get any of the install wizard data you entered, just in case you aren’t sure what was configured.

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